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 The Difference Between Types of Roleplays

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PostSubject: The Difference Between Types of Roleplays   Tue Aug 16, 2011 5:16 pm

So as you all know, there are many types of roleplays. Animal roleplays based on mythical creatures, nekos and antho's. etc. I made a list of the most common roleplays around.


In quad roleplay, the animals move and act more like their real-world counterparts. A quad wolf would move like a wolf, on four legs. It would live in the wild with a pack. The most common types are wolf, horse, and wild cat, but you'll see plenty of others. This is like a normal animal with intelligence.


Anthros take on human-like characteristics. They walk on two legs, wear clothing, and use technology much like humans would. You tend to get a bit more variety as far as species go, and you're also more likely to see other fantasy elements. Nekos, morphing animals/peoples go under this category too. Sonic the hedgehog, robin hood, and pokemon (a rough example) are these.

Quote :

Few examples

1: First person shooters These games are more game-like and often lack plotlines completely, they are usually more alike shotgun-ranges in RL. a Zombie-hunt for example

2: Wargames These are also games, usually two groups battle together. Usually random shooting without structure. Although there is a rumor games with strategy do exist.

3: Scheme & Plotting These are usually Vampire games, others do exist, though. People refer to these games as 'talking heads' which means more talk and less or no action. These are mostly Advanced or Elitist games.

4: Periodic Re-Enactement Ancient Egypt, Medieval, Empire, 18th century, 19th century, 1950's -you name it! People gather together to live out the era once was in the real world. The clue is to be as authentic as one can. Usually not games. The emphasis on character outfit and manners. Usually Literate type settings.

5: Fantasy Theme Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, My Little Ponies, Pirates, Medieval, Fairytale, Gor .... soo many! Many different types exist, usually Non-Literate or Literate. But many Advanced ones there too. There are lot´s of medievalish fantasy settings in SL! Mosty Immersion 'Games'
Click here to see where I got this

Theres many RPing terms and such, to many to post.
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The Difference Between Types of Roleplays
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