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 Roleplay Rules

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Dust in the Wind

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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Mon Aug 15, 2011 4:28 pm

Hello! Do you wanna roleplay? Then please read these rules!

~1) No god-modding/powerplaying - This means when one person has control over characters without the owner's express permission.

~2) No Gary-Sues or Mary-Sues - Gary-Sues and Mary-Sues are characters who are the most beautiful, most powerful, never get a scratch in battle, and essentially perfect. This is greatly annoying for other users, and is not permitted.

~3) Roleplay isn't reality - In other words, if one character acts mean to yours, don't take it seriously. I have heard of fights and disagreements breaking out between two Roleplayers because one person took a character's attitude to heart. Then moderators (such as myself) have to break up the fight, and everyone gets stressed, and it just doesn't work out. Please don't take a character's rude attitude seriously.

~4) No grave-digging - this means constantly bumping a thread that has obviously lost all interest or is classified as 'dead'.

~5) Leaving For Dead - Basically, it means don't post a bajillion posts between two people. It is greatly annoying for the other roleplayers. Sometimes they may ask for a quick recap, but it gets annoying when others refuse to do it. Please be coutreous of other roleplayers.

~6) Rights of a non-moderator - If someone starts a roleplay, they may have their own rules. If someone is caught red-handed breaking one (or a ton) they can get the boot. They started up the roleplay, they can just as easily shut it down. Don't worry if the rules seem a little strict - its usually better if they are.

~7) I don't care if there are a bajillion roleplays about warrior cats, or wolf packs, but please be a little original with the names. I don't want to see a billion SunClan's or Moon Pack's! Mix it up a little, such as using SolarClan or Lunar Pack.

~Cool Some roleplayers skills aren't as good as another's. If they aren't very good, it usually means they aren't experienced, or haven't done it in a while. Please don't get annoyed! No one is perfect.

~9) Semi-literate, Literate, and Illiterate roleplays are allowed. Semi-literate is when you have to post at least 4 or 5 good sentences. Illiterate is when two sentences are considered okay. Literate, however, is when you have to post a whole paragraph. I wouldn't recommend joining a Literate roleplay if you aren't capable of producing paragraphs in every post.

~10) Mini-plots are considered annoying, and most of the time side-track the main plot. (ex. The characters must fight off a terrible coven of vampires) and someone decides to add their own twist to someone else's roleplay. (ex. One character has a dream where his/her girl/boyfriend has gotten captured by the vampires) It side-tracks the main plot, and is greatly annoying to other roleplayers. Please refrain from doing so, unless the owner of the roleplay gives their okay.

~11) Spam - I'm not talking about that ham in a can, I'm talkin' about when someone posts out of character unnecessarily. Or when someone who isn't in the roleplay posts, advertising their own roleplay, or asking others to click their dragon cave eggs or squibies. Save it for your signature, please.

~12) When speaking out of character, use (), [], {}, or OOC:.

I think I covered it all! Whew! Thank you for reading the rules, here, have a cookie! *hands*
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Roleplay Rules
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