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 The site rules

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PostSubject: The site rules   Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:08 pm

Here are all the rules. They are rather easy to follow.

1) No swearing ; absolutely no bad words, you also cannot do this sh*t. It's to easy to tell what the word is.
2) Don't start fights. Anybody involved in a fight will be banned for however long we see fit
3) No mini-mods. It's really annoying for everyone.
4) One account per person! If I see multiple accounts on one IP address I will check it out.
5) Do not copy our artwork! The artist (for right now me) will make sure to expel you.
6) Please no spamming. Its bothersome.

When caught doing something against the rules, you can be banned, expelled, or some other punishment. (ie. if you were caught with to many accounts, i will delete all accounts but one, and take away any pets traded from those accounts


I will probably not expel you, just ban you. Only if you do something really bad will you get expelled. You have 3 different types of offense.
1) Minor offense, such as one bad word, will be a ban for up to a week
2) Medium offense, such as multiple accounts, will be a ban for a month
3) Major offense, such as fighting, mini modding, just a combo of everything, will be expelled
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The site rules
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